CR Shorts summarize the Celebrate Recovery lessons in 5-10 minutes each. This lesson is POWERLESS.

Once we take that first step out of our denial and into reality, we see there are very few things that we really have control over. Once we admit that by ourselves, we are powerless we can stop living with the following “serenity robbers,” spelled out in the acrostic POWERLESS.

Pride – ignorance + power + pride = a deadly mixture                                                                                

Only Ifs –  our “only ifs” in life keep us trapped in the fantasy land of rationalization!                 

Worry – worrying is a form of not trusting God enough!                                                                                      

Escape – by living in denial we may have escaped into a world of fantasy and unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others.                                                                                         

Resentments – resentments act like an emotional cancer if they are allowed to fester and grow.

Loneliness – loneliness is a choice. In recovery and in Christ, you never have to walk alone.

Emptiness – you know that empty feeling deep inside. The cold wind of hopelessness blows right through it

Selfishness – we often pray: “Our Father which art in heaven; give me, give me, give me.”       

Separation – some people talk about finding God – as if He could ever get lost!